Racial Profiling in Germany

Another coup by ‘ze Germanz’: As we all know, Angela Merkel has declared mulitculturalism to be dead as a concept. Now a German court has ruled that racial profiling is legal and justified at train stations.

This is all part of a German PR-campaign to attract the highly specialized foreign workers it needs in order to sustain its economic performance in light of its less than favourable demographics. Of course if you are, say, an Indian IT-specialist you would pick Germany over a Western country with a less fucked up language, since… Ummm… I don’t know, maybe it’s still better than the US, where some trigger-happy citizen might think you’re an Arab and preemptively take justice into his own hands.

Come on, Germans! Read your fucking constitution. Somewhere in there it should say, that you are not allowed to discriminate against people based on their ethnic origin. Historically, you have some experience in that area, and, boy, didn’t that go well?!


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2 Antworten to “Racial Profiling in Germany”

  1. Andreas Moser Says:

    It’s actually Art. 3 III of the German Constitution.
    This court ruling is a disgrace indeed: http://andreasmoser.wordpress.com/2012/03/27/german-court-allows-racial-profiling/

    • spassmaske Says:

      Yes! I actually knew this. My PR advisor told me to dumb it down for my audience, though. Thank you for the contribution!

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