Arrest The Other George As Well!

Sometimes I truely wonder what is wrong with the US. Isn’t it the wealthiest nation on the planet? Wasn’t it supposed to be the beacon of Western civilization? Reading the papers, however, it increasingly reminds me of a fucked up third world banana republic – no disrespect to the latter intended. FINALLY, you managed to arrest the dude that shot a 17-year old kid. It took you long enough! Liberty and justice for all? Motherfuckers, you need some cops or something, protecting you from your cops and justice system. Something is going very WRONG here!

Footnote: You should probably take power from those sitting in the echelons of this corrupt society, instead of electing a billionaire mormon elitist – or Barack Obama. You should take all those guns you have accumulated over time and wreak havoc. Ok, maybe I expect too much. But please – do not elect the mormon. I acknowledge that we could all have a blast, making fun of him. But… ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS? The guy wears magic underwear!!! Let me tell you, folks – crazy people and nuclear weapons?! NOT A SAFE COMBINATION!!!

Whatever. I am looking forward to making fun of the US president, whoever it might be.


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