Amazing Child Geniuses

Have you ever felt inadequate, not up to speed and like you failed to live up to your full potential? Well, you’re gonna feel like shit after watching this! Meet amazing child prodigies, which are smarter and more talented than YOU WILL EVER BE, YOU PATHETIC LOSER! Naw, I’m joking man. It’s all good. Watch it anyway, it is fucking HILARIOUS at times!

Meet this potentially dangerous young African man with the skills of a young McGuyver!

How about this 5-year old billiard MONSTER! Daddy lures him into playing billiard ALL DAY! He will be known in bars around town when he becomes of drinking age! Where my cigarettes at, MOTHERFUCKER?! WHERE YOU AT, CIGARETTES?!!

Or how about Tanishq? His classmates fucking HATE his ass, because he makes them look like drooling vegetables and he is only 9. Fuck me. I bet the defense industry has already plans for him… Evil genius in the making!

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Eine Antwort to “Amazing Child Geniuses”

  1. janesonlinemarketing Says:

    Tja wir wären doch alle gern wie Sheldon oder besser!

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