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Cellphone addiction

14. September 2013

Do you suffer from this?

Let’s grow some stuff, people

13. September 2013

This dude is basically a real threat to the way our shitty, dysfunctional global system is set up. That’s why I like him. Grow your own food, start regaining some independence from the food industry that is willing to poison you in order to GRAB YOUR MONEY!! I’d love to do what he is talking about… which means that I WILL do it. By the way… are you still eating McDonald’s, motherfucker? Because you’re damn sure gonna look like one of them Chicken McNuggets yourself if you keep it up and all you do is financing big bad America’s quest to torture puppies and bring Star Warsish Imperial style evil to all four corners of the world, which leads me to the conclusion that YOU, Sir, are PART OF THE PROBLEM. So how about fucking doing something about it?! So, yeah. Plant something. But watch this video first.

Tyler Durden telling it like it is

12. September 2013




Smash your TV, eat the rich

10. September 2013

Food in an age of mass consumption

8. September 2013

Advertising in the US

5. September 2013

Advertising in the US

Wow… This would have been impossible a few years ago. I am impressed.


4. September 2013


Keepin‘ it real.

Falling Down

28. August 2013

Kohl und die Türken

1. August 2013

Kohl wollte also jeden zweiten Türken loswerden. Das muss ich dem Mann zugute halten. Ich dachte, er wollte sie alle loswerden.

Garbage Warrior

29. Juli 2013