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Genuine Cyborg

30. September 2013

All hail to the man-machine.

Fighting the machine

28. September 2013

This machine does what it wants. Why don’t you? Footnote: We need to really be careful what we’re building these days. This could be the beginning of a terminator-like cyborg attack on the human race. Fuck Cyberdine Systems, it’s all about Lego.

Garbage Warrior

29. Juli 2013

Get your fears straight, sheeple!

25. Juli 2013


Evolution of God

20. April 2013


Fuck yeah!

13. April 2013


I am the chair

8. April 2013

Schwangerschaft rückwärts

30. März 2013


This is how I feel deep down inside…

19. März 2013

Quit your job like a pro!

19. März 2013