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God bless America

2. Oktober 2013



Hello, Americans!

12. März 2012

Greetings, earthlings!

While I have a tendency to take the piss out of you, your pseudo-culture, your blood-hungry foreign policy, mindless consumerism, your charicature-like political leaders, your fast food cuisine,  your tendency to manufacture and blindly follow mind-numbingly stupid propaganda, your false sense of patriotism, your gas-guzzling, climate-changing, let’s-screw-the-middle-east-out-of-its-natural-resources SUV dick-replacements, your third reich-like pep rallies, KKK, shitting on black people and native americans, imbred redneck…. Wait… What was I gonna say? Well, I guess it doesn’t matter anyway, since most of it is in German and let’s face it – your foreign language skills?! Not so much!

Nevertheless, I actually wanted to give you guys some credit. While oftentimes the rest of the world looks at you and rolls its eyes in shame and incomprehension, you – as a people – seem to be developing an increasing ability to grasp what the fuck is going on around you – and I applaude you for that.

I even feel sorry for you, sometimes, when people shit on you in forums on the internet, saying you are all stupid pieces of butt-crust. Of course you are NOT all completely braindead. I almost cried little tears of revolutionary joy when I saw ordinary Americans protest on Wall Street, demanding to burn the FED and lynch the bankers that brought you the mess you currently find yourselves in. I think this would have been quite unthinkable a few years ago.

Organize. Question authority. Burst the fucking bubble that keeps you trapped. Make an Obama 2012 video. As a matter of fact, make a White House 2012 video, because it doesn’t matter which one of your two political parties is in power – regular folk is fucked either way. Question your countries economic and foreign policy. Read history, inform yourselves, get angry. For God’s sake, you have guns – do something with them!!!