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The dangers of living in Russia (2)

27. September 2012

Aktivisten crashen Goldman-Sachs Abschiedsparty

25. September 2012

The dangers of living in Russia

24. September 2012

Auf Kollisionskurs in der Straße von Hormus

13. August 2012

Ein US-Zerstörer hat in der Straße von Hormus (Eingang zum Persischen Golf) einen Öltanker gerammt. Ääähhh – FAIL! Erinnert mich etwas an die Titanic und den Eisberg. Jedenfalls hat der ZERSTÖRER jetzt ein fettes Loch auf der Seite. Ist doch eine tolle Art, um die Steuergelder seiner Bürger auszugeben, oder?!


Link: US-Kriegsschiff kollidiert mit Öltanker


Your Tax Money At Work (2)

7. April 2012

Doesn’t it give you a nice, fuzzy feeling inside when you see hard earned money being spent in a way that is beneficial to society as a whole?! How about crashing a jet into an apartment building – and surprisingly it wasn’t even your enemies‘. The brave Kamikaze-pilots-by-accident managed to eject out of their million dollar aircraft before being incinerated alongside some unexpected person’s home.

„I saw the parachute on the house and he was still connected to it, and he was laying on the ground with his face full of blood,“ Smith told WVEC-TV. „The pilot said, ‚I’m sorry for destroying your house.'“

Don’t worry about it, bro… don’t worry about it. Apparently they got 18 mio dollars in compensations. Shiiiiit, fly that motherfucker into my home, right fucking NOW! And how about that – 18 MILLION BUCKS! That’s crazy. In Afghanistan you could massacre a whole village and pay less in retributions.

Your Tax Money At Work

23. März 2012

Hey, Americans! Wondering what Uncle Sam is doing with your tax money? Well, take a look at this! On the other hand… At least you are getting something out of it, the war in Afghanistan I mean. Whoahaha!!! Naw, you’re not! Muahaha! Just fuckin‘ with you. Don’t worry, nobody died during the crash. The two servicemen will be back on their feet, crashing helicopters in no time!