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The war is lost

28. Mai 2013

Hey, army of fuckfaces! No offence. Great motherfuckin‘ day today, right? You know why? Because your sorry asses are NOT in fucking Afghanistan. Guess what?! Whole country has turned to a steaming, hot shit pile. Thank the American warlordz and their British puppy friends. Seriously, how could you throw so much money at a problem and still fuck it up even more than it was in the beginning. No shit – we should whip the shit out of our politicians for doing this shit. Rant mode off. Watch this shit. Vice. Live from Afghanistan. The war is lost, bro.


24. Januar 2013

An animated history of poverty

4. Januar 2013

In order to fight thy enemy, thou hast to understand him first! Study, my friend, study. And then come back and kick that mo’fugga in da ballsack!

Epische Schlacht zwischen Mormonen und mexikanischen Drogenkartells

20. September 2012

Wow! Der Titel sagt eigentlich schon alles. Aber es wird noch besser: Bei einigen der bis an die Zähne bewaffneten Mormonen handelt es sich um Verwandte meines Lieblingspräsidentschaftskandidaten – Mitt Romney! Epischer Mormonen-Kriegführungs-Shit! Baaaam! Die Doku ist noch nicht komplett im Netz und VICE will euch damit anfixen und abhängig machen – also VORSICHT! Aber es lohnt sich! Eine toxische Mischung aus Polygamie, Kokainsyndikaten und vollautomatischen Waffen erwartet euch. Daumen hoch!

Chrystal Meth Documentary

4. September 2012

Gypsy Blood Documentary

23. August 2012

Remember Brad Pitt in Snatch? You like dat shit, don’t ya?! Yeees! You fuckin‘ love it! Check this out, then. It’s a nice documentary, called Gypsy Blood. And it’s bloody, for sure! Enjoy!

Tiny Houses Documentary

5. Juni 2012

This is a very interesting documentary about people living in very tiny places. They basically boiled it down to the essence. I quite like it!

Mike Tyson Documentary

31. Mai 2012

Enjoy the 2009 documentary „Tyson“ about Iron Mike.

Latino Gangsters in Jail

25. Mai 2012

This place seems to be comparatively nice… At least they are all from the same gang. And they got weed! What more could you want from life?

War Documentary

19. Mai 2012

Vice documentary on the future of warfare. You gotta love it! Check it out:

Link: Vice Documentary Robots of War

Danke, Bene!