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The war is lost

28. Mai 2013

Hey, army of fuckfaces! No offence. Great motherfuckin‘ day today, right? You know why? Because your sorry asses are NOT in fucking Afghanistan. Guess what?! Whole country has turned to a steaming, hot shit pile. Thank the American warlordz and their British puppy friends. Seriously, how could you throw so much money at a problem and still fuck it up even more than it was in the beginning. No shit – we should whip the shit out of our politicians for doing this shit. Rant mode off. Watch this shit. Vice. Live from Afghanistan. The war is lost, bro.

WW II Story

10. März 2013

Israelis love Iranians and vice versa

21. Dezember 2012

It’s all love, brothers and sisters! Let’s just all behead our idiot politicians.

Making the world a better place – one kill at a time

9. Oktober 2012

Ich habe das Walross getroffen

14. August 2012

Ist zwar schon etwas älter, aber bei der Flut an Informationen, mit der man heutzutage überschüttet wird, weiß man ja nicht, wer was gesehen, oder schon wieder vergessen hat. In diesem Sinne: Ein damals 14-jähriger führt ein Interview mit John Lennon. Dazu gibt es schöne Illustrationen. Genießt.

War Documentary

19. Mai 2012

Vice documentary on the future of warfare. You gotta love it! Check it out:

Link: Vice Documentary Robots of War

Danke, Bene!

Muhammed Ali Refuses Draft

16. Mai 2012

Syriana Clusterfuck

28. März 2012

Apparantly in Syria there are some badass jihadists out to find Assad, gut him, and feed him to their starving donkeys. So before you go crying for intervention, making Kony-2012-like propaganda videos, and pressuring your congressmen to attack yet another country in the Middle-East, you should probably take a deep breath, just shut the fuck up, and think it through.

Apart from “humanitarian” interventions being a bad idea in 95% of all cases, you should not only take the giant clusterfuck into account you are involved in as a nation already, but also factor some more basic points into the equation. I know you have been raised on Star Wars and Transformers and shit like that, but the world is not good vs. evil as your great philosopher George W. Bush tried to make you believe. It is slightly more complex than that.

In the case of Syria this means the rebels also commit atrocities, execute people and generally take a big and steaming shit on human rights. So before you rally behind those war-mongering politicians of yours like a big zombie-army, sending your sons and daughters into another war zone, you should do some research and thinking of your own. Use that wobbly giant Jelly bean in your head for something other than processing porn, for once. Maybe it pays off in the long-run. On the other hand – wasn’t it Keynes that said, in the long-run we are all dead?

Your Tax Money At Work

23. März 2012

Hey, Americans! Wondering what Uncle Sam is doing with your tax money? Well, take a look at this! On the other hand… At least you are getting something out of it, the war in Afghanistan I mean. Whoahaha!!! Naw, you’re not! Muahaha! Just fuckin‘ with you. Don’t worry, nobody died during the crash. The two servicemen will be back on their feet, crashing helicopters in no time!

George Carlin War Rant

15. März 2012